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HENSOLDT, headquartered in Taufkirchen near Munich, Germany, is a German champion for defence and security sensor solutions. In Europe, we are the largest pure-play defence and security electronics house with leadership positions across mission-critical defence and non-defence solutions (source: Renaissance Strategic Advisors).

As the leading pure-play defence and security electronics specialist in Europe with a platform-independent approach (source: Renaissance Strategic Advisors), HENSOLDT offers cutting-edge technologies to a broad customer base. Our portfolio comprises sensor solutions in the fields of radar, electronic warfare, avionics (electronic systems used on aircraft, such as crash recorders), and optronics (electro-optical systems, such as thermal imaging devices).

Our products are used to protect defence platforms, critical infrastructure, civil institutions, and wildlife.

HENSOLDT combines a resilient, customer-centric business model based on platform-independent solutions with attractive margins and promising value growth.

We categorise our technology and products into four divisions: (i) Radar, IFF & COMMS, (ii) Spectrum Dominance & Airborne Solutions, (iii) Customer Solutions and (iv) Optronics. However, we often provide a variety of our products from different divisions to a specific platform or combine technologies developed in different divisions to build an integrated product. To complete our broad product offering and to ensure customised concepts, we assist our clients with integrated logistics and service support.

We operate in the domains air, land, sea, and security.
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Our strategy is built around our vision to become Europe’s leading, platform-independent provider of defence and security sensor solutions with global reach. In particular, we focus on five dimensions of our business: (i) innovation, (ii) our customers, (iii) operational excellence, (iv) M&A, and (v) our culture.

We focus on innovation and strive to expand our portfolio across capabilities and solutions. Our goal is to become a long-standing partner for our customers, and, to this end, we intend to focus on packaging our technology into comprehensive solutions for our customers, creating and maintaining customer intimacy through our global sales force and service stations. Driven by our culture of continuous improvement, we aim to create further value from enhanced execution in our operations.

Furthermore, we intend to continue to use value-accretive acquisitions to accelerate our growth. HENSOLDT will use its strong market position as a German defence and security sensor solutions champion to leverage its geographical expansion. We are also committed to promoting a corporate culture of shared success.

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HENSOLDT was created from various former Airbus activities in the areas of defense and security electronics. We became independent from Airbus in 2017 and have since operated as a stand-alone company.

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HENSOLDT’s know-how is based on the pioneering spirit of our renowned predecessor companies.

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